"Art is a pleasure that unfolds in purity, flows in equation

& communicates manifestly." 


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Inspired by the beauty of the golden moon. This painting signifies the essence of imperfections. The imperfections on the surface of the moon give it a standalone identity. It professes the idea that the blazing imperfections in everyone make them unique. Its time we accommodate the imperfections to accept the perfection they create. Its time we look beyond the typical. Its time we start blazing.  


Gunjan Saxena



Gunjan Saxena

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Inspired from the beauty of a calm bird which sat in isolation. Its feathers reflected the white sunlight and eyes immense peace. Here I learnt the bliss of solitude and the loss of yearning. The doors closed but windows still open. The feet bound but heart still flies away caressing nature and the beautiful life God has blessed us with. Amidst this chaos I found my peace in a Robin.