Acrylic on Canvas by Gunjan S. Inspired by the perceptions of a woman in the society of today. The colours depict the person she becomes with every new role. However, the woman at the centre remains the same. The perceptions change with every context and role.



Inspired from the beauty of a calm bird which sat in isolation. Its feathers reflected the white sunlight and eyes immense peace. Here I learnt the bliss of solitude and the loss of yearning. The doors closed but windows still open. The feet bound but the heart still flies away caressing nature and the beautiful life God has blessed us with. Amidst this chaos, I found my peace in a Robin.


Inspired by the reflection of the sun on the waves unbound. We run after riches and still do not find peace. We run after success and cannot define it. The painting professes this moment of observation of the reflections of the sun on the surface of the waves to implore the grace of this Pure Gold which is fulfilling beyond measure and pure in the truest sense of the word.



Inspired by the beauty of the golden moon. This painting signifies the essence of imperfections. The imperfections on the surface of the moon give it a standalone identity. It professes the idea that the blazing imperfections in everyone make them unique. Its time we accommodate the imperfections to accept the perfection they create. Its time we look beyond the typical. Its time we start blazing.



"Shailputri" The daughter of the mountains. Her gracious self Shailputri. The depiction of devotion and grace. The unbound yet confided in her love for Shiva.


This illustration is reflective of that form of Shiva that is raw in nature. That which the tribals would pray to. We find in the society that all of us have our God looking the way we like to see things. If a goldsmith we like our God flooded with gold. If a tribal we want him immersed in nature.If in love we want him as Krishna. If in righteousness we like him as Rama. In ferocity, we like him as Shiva. 



The language of love is indebted to expression. The strongest of such expressions is music. This painting depicts the expression of love through music. It illustrates the way love resonates in every note exponentially describing the feelings of a spellbound lover. 



Oil on canvas depicting a bird iconizing peace in its white feathers and compared to her calm and peaceful face. Observers can compare and choose that one which they find the most peaceful. 


The painting illustrates two little birds chirping whose home is a broken street lamp. In the winter night, I saw them peep and couldn't stop but think that even a broken thing can be home for someone. It is astonishing how destiny provides for all that is needed from all that we believe has been lost.